April 2018, a month filled with joy and happiness at the first ever Aeon Mall in Kuching, and we were proud to have collaborated with the management team from Aeon in bringing a different shopping experience to our beloved Kuching City.

During the grand opening of the mall, pure joy was delivered not just to children, but also adults as we kicked start the event with Niji Cat face and hand painting for the shoppers, whereas the adorable Niji was the official mascot for Aeon Mall Kuching. Also, we surprised the shoppers when we led all the 18 Niji Cats to dance and mingle with everyone. The event hit the climax as the shoppers were showered with vouchers and coupons from above the centre court. As of this moment, we were pleased to see that everyone was having a blissful moment and laughter was shared among each other, and all this is in aligned with what we were trying to deliver, happiness… However, it didn’t stop there. We continued our work to bring entertainment to the shoppers with various groups of great dancers, musicians, magicians and entertainers for the rest of the month, whom we must say are really pleasant to work with.

So here’s a BIG SHOUT-OUT to … (all the performers). Thank you all for making this event a success and most importantly, fun! Finally to Aeon Management Team, thank you all for this wonderful opportunity to work together. It was the great month ever! And of course, WELCOME TO THE CAT CITY!

Photo credit to: Vinca Photography
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