Hari Gawai, one of the most celebrated festivals in Borneo Island not just by the Dayak people but also the rest of Borneans from different races. Apart from the mouth-watering authentic Dayak cuisines and unique customs, the traditional wooden-made village home is also one of the reasons why Gawai is loved by most people when visiting any Dayak village.

The Barok, known as the traditional Bidayuh main head house, where ceremonies are held and where young men and bachelors reside. For Gawai Sesonal Decoration, we replicated the Bidayuh Barok, decorated with Bunga Jarau, bubu, props and touched-up with some fresh plants to bring out the serenity and closer-to-green elements of a traditional Dayak home and certainly, it would give the people a glimpse of how an authentic Dayak village would look like.