It was a magical day. Weeks before the event, Kuching was showered by cold rains and loud thunder. However, when the number hit 13th in that particular November, the sky starts to cleared off. Event setup went smooth, and the sun finally shared her cheerful shines. That day went well. Right before the sunset, we stand in the giant transparent Marquee while we look upon the hard work we built. 6 giant trees, chandeliers hanging along the roofing frame, light reflection from the surface of 40 pieces cocktail tables and all the glasses on the bar counter, and finally the background of the sunset that brought promises of a spectacular event. We think to ourselves “ this will be one magical night”. And it was. As we stand together watching the firework cheering the sky with spectacular background of DUN, we couldn’t shake the feeling of rejoice and thankful for all the support that we’ve got on making this event successful. 13th Nov 2016, a magical day that we will always remember. Photo credit: Vinca Photography Lex Chai allenang photography