We love Australia-One of the best town we had ever been to ” Adelaide”. The vintage buildings, the people, the food, the lifestyle & not forgetting the weather…OOh 13 degree C and keep on dropping. Well, the journey begins When we receive a call from Aussie, asking us to design and renovate a club in Adelaide from scratch. Without any hesitation – of course. We flew all the way there…Bang we had our first day site visit and found out there’s numorous touchup need to be done. We start off with tonnes of names for the club & finally “TITANIUM” was chosen. On the day itself TITANIUM’s image was created followed by sourcing of raw material to fit the renovation. It was a huge challege where all materials must be purchase and fabricate here. We manage to complete the task in 1.5 months starting from Zero & the results were unexpected. Not forgetting the contractors-They’re amazing. The man behind the stage :). A big aplause to them. Sadly, We did’nt manage to witness the grand opening of TITANIUM due to our function in Malaysia & we flew back before it was launch. What an opputunity. The biggest moments in every function or project is to witness the celebration of end result. Well, thank you “The owner of TITANIUM for giving us the opputunity & the your warmth hospitality” We need to say it out loud- Cheers to you TITANIUM we will visit U in our next journey to Adelaide. All the best from Spiral team! * Photo credits to Titanium Adelaide