On 12th July 2018, UOB Kuching has marked another significant milestone throughout the journey in Kuching – the relocation of the branch from long-serving Main Bazaar to iCom Square. It was indeed a celebration for everyone in UOB as well as its esteemed customers. As for us in Spiral, we felt honored and proud to be chosen to handle this memorable event. Touched-up with the simple yet elegant fresh flowers at the new place, and the guests were entertained by the waves of the 24 festive drums, followed by the fascinating “Lion Eye-dotting” ceremony by the CEO from UOB Malaysia. It was definitely an unique experience to ever witness the whole ceremony up-close.

After the ceremonial, we put a sweet ending to this event with a cozy mingling session accompanied by the serving of the scrumptious western hors devours. A BIG THANK YOU to those from UOB who worked hard together with us and made this event a pleasant one! Once again, congratulations to UOB Kuching branch!